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Titled or Untitled Land

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Titled or Untitled Land

When you select your new homesite at Paramount Private Estate Baldivis, it may be titled or untitled.

Titled vs Untitled Land – What It Means

Basically, a land title is a legal document that specifies the legalities and ownership of a block of land.

A land title is required before a block of land can be built on. It’s not uncommon for some blocks in new estates, such as Paramount Private Estate, to be untitled, as the land is often sold before construction has started.

If the block you have chosen is untitled, an estimated title date should be available, though the timing can be impacted by a number of factors. This is something to keep in mind when buying untitled land. Here are some other key considerations for titled vs untitled land.

Titled Land

If you choose a titled land block it is generally a faster and easier process in terms of getting approvals and transferring ownership of the land.

As a result, you can usually commence building your home sooner than you would if the block is untitled.

Buying titled land can help minimise stress and lengthy delays you may otherwise experience waiting for approvals and construction to begin.

Untitled Land

So why choose untitled land? Often the decision to purchase untitled land comes when there is a specific location or block you have fallen in love with.

If your block is highly sought after or unique but is also untitled, you may wish to make an offer so as not to miss out on your dream location.

Untitled land can also be a good option if you have a flexible timeframe or longer lead time before you need to build. Additionally, untitled land may be more affordable than titled blocks.

Whether you choose a titled block or an untitled block, it’s important to do your research about your preferred block to ensure you know what to expect in terms of timeframes, approvals, and availability of utilities, services and access.

One of our Sales Representatives will be able to advise when titles are due to be issued so your settlement can be finalised.