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The Purchasing Process

Young home buyers require finance to settle on blocks for sale in Baldivis

The Purchasing Process

This is a brief overview of the purchasing process:

  1. Find your perfect home or homesite.
  2. Pre-Contract – Obtain advice; legal, financial and other.
  3. Contract Signing – Once you have obtained advice, and negotiated a deal, you can proceed with signing a contract.
  4. Contract Conditions – You must ensure that if the contract is subject to any conditions, that you or the vendor meets them by the due date.
  5. Pre-Settlement – Along with your settlement agent, it’s important that you prepare financial and other requirements prior to settlement.
  6. Settlement – Financial and other transactions are completed at settlement in exchange for property transfer documentation, including titles and mortgages.
  7. Post-Settlement – The property is legally yours!


The Pre-Contract Process

After you have found your perfect block of land at Baldivis you will need to make a formal offer in writing to purchase the property. Our Estate Sales Manager will meet with you to complete a contract for sale of land.

It’s important that you have obtained advice from a trusted financial professional before doing this. They will provide guidance on what finance options are available to you and the financial aspects of the contract.

You may also like to speak to a settlement agent or solicitor at this point to help you navigate the process.

These experts will help negotiate aspects of the contract and settlement conditions. They can also provide advice on your rights and responsibilities and help you understand the entire process.


Contract Signing

You should sign your contract only after you are satisfied with the price and special conditions.

After signing the contract you will be asked to arrange a $1,000 deposit and start working toward meeting your conditions.


Contract Conditions

Your contract will spell out financial and other conditions you need to meet, such as providing a finance approval letter from your chosen lender, as well as the time frame you have to achieve these.



The settlement process can be complex and stressful at times. A qualified settlement agent or solicitor you trust will be there at every step to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

They will prepare the relevant documentation to transfer the title of land, carry out any necessary property searches and liaise with all parties to ensure everything is on track.

You will be asked to sign documentation for your financing and will be advised when and where the settlement will take place.



This is the process of handing over the funds to the seller in exchange for the property transfer documents. Your settlement agent will make arrangements for all of the required paperwork, and you will get clear title to the property.



After settlement is successfully completed, you can officially celebrate ownership of your dream property.


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