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Choosing Your Builder


Choosing Your Builder

Before you choose your builder, make sure you have considered the dimensions and orientation of your selected homesite, as well as the Building Covenants & Design Guidelines for Paramount Estate Baldivis. Choosing your builder and designing your new home is the most exciting part of the homebuying process.

What to Consider when Choosing a Builder

When choosing a builder, you will want to check first that they are registered in Western Australia to carry out residential building work. Check if the registration is current and covers the type and scale of the building project you want to undertake.

It can help to ask your family and friends for any recommendations and to speak to a number of builders and compare them. There are several factors to consider when shortlisting and finding the right builder.

Finding the Right Builder

  • In-house design and drafting. When a builder has in-house design and drafting, or works in partnership with a dedicated designer and/or architects, they will know how each other works, so there is less likely to be issues with implementing designs or making changes.
  • Consistently deliver on time. A reputable builder will provide you with a realistic timeframe and have a proven track record for delivering on time. You may like to ask them for testimonials or details of previous builds to find out how many weeks/months it took for them to build new homes.
  • The fixtures and materials they use. The builder should be able to specify reputable brand names for sinks, taps, appliances, benchtops, and other fixtures they use. The suppliers, sub-contractors and other building materials should also be of a high standard.
  • Talk to staff. Your decision in choosing a builder starts with the initial contact point. You can gauge the professionalism of the company through its employees.
  • No additional charges. It is important to find a builder that provides the total cost before the start of the project. Also, check for all inclusions and exclusions and any administrative charges for making changes. You may also like to specify penalties for the builder not completing the work within the allocated timeframe.

Finding the right builder is one of the most important things you will do after purchasing land at Baldivis. It can be key to achieving your dream home.

Before you begin the building process, visit the Australian Government’s “Your Home” website for more information:

Visit the Master Builders Association of WA for information about choosing a builder:

Visit the Department of Commerce for information about building your house: